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Life at the Royale – a large Edwardian seaside hotel now converted into apartments – should be gracious and lovely for its retiree residents. But their lives are blighted by the unscrupulous doings of their rogue landlord Paul Levine.


Then Dan Brearley, a retired Secret Agent, moves in. Paul Levine begins to get under his skin and Brearley makes it his business to find out all he can about him. In so doing he uncovers a smuggling ring led by a murderous international crime boss John Gonzales.


As Dan Brearley charms the eccentric residents of the Royale, falling in love along the way, he single-handedly smashes the smuggling ring and destroys the world of Paul Levine. But will John Gonzales let him get away with it? Can Dan Brearley and his new wife escape the grizzly end the vile gangster has in-store for them?


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Derek Taylor was born in County Down, Northern Ireland on June 8th 1951. He was always keen on poetry and when ten years old won first prize in the County Down annual Fiesch – arts festival – for poetry. He wrote his first novel when he was seventeen and has been writing ever since. Educated at St Patrick’s Christian Brother’s School, Omagh, he graduated from the University of East Anglia in 1978. After a stint of working for BBC World Service and BBC Radio Suffolk and editing a poetry magazine he travelled extensively before settling in Kent in 1990.  He was an occasional radio presenter and producer on local commercial radio stations throughout the 1990s.


He published A TIME OF WAR, a religious allegory, in 1985 and three novels in the mid-90s. He became interested in Americana roots music and singing cowboys which led him to the British Archive of Country Music, where he continues to work part-time as an archivist and public relations officer. He has written a series of western novels for Robert Hale Ltd.


He also owned and managed three care homes for people with physical and mental disabilities, before retiring in 2006. He returned to broadcasting in 2010 to present a weekly radio show on Radio Caroline.

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