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By Gillian Bence-Jones

In a way, these poems are also a little piece of living history, for here we see trades, occupations and skills that were vital in the life of a large estate, but which are now disappearing. Very rarely do we meet a decoyman, or even a dairymaid, and, although we still have trees, pigs and horses, there are few woodmen, pigmen or horsemen quite like those seen here.

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A book by Stephen Bartlett

Men and women use the word Happiness most hours of most days. We try to understand the secret to getting to the state of mind called happiness. We desire the feeling and well-being that we think we will find in happiness. This book takes a revolutionary approach to the struggle of finding Happiness: it persuades the reader that the struggle is in fact worthless. Giving up the search for Happiness releases the mind to have fun and enjoy.

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George lives in all of us. He’s the thwarted, tortured soul in man that cannot find a reason to be cheerful in any aspect of life. And that includes a burning desire to write a book. He has to fulfil the promise he made to himself and be free of the guilt of not writing.

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by David hutchings

The enigma code has been broken: the German advance through the Ardennes lies shattered, with the German plan for the invasion of Europe defeated. The Allies continue their advance to Germany. In 1941 with the fall of Berlin the German Government signs an armistice. Some factions do not accept the defeat and start their plans. Germany is once more under attack, this time not from the allied nation, but from the Violet Aurora group, who has promised to continue the war, no matter the cost. Andrew Bryant and the strategic operatives initiative (S.O.I) discover the true evil behind the bombings, a man who is the ultimate evil.

In a world where history took another turn, everyone is on the front line.

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by Rebecca Camu

Rebecca Camu has been writing stories ‘since she could pick up a pen’.  Always passionate about her stories, she lately was surprised and delighted to learn that an early teacher remembered her reading them aloud to the other children during break times at school.  Rebecca herself had forgotten.

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