Out Now from Derek Taylor's fascinating new book 'The Golden Age of Easy Listening'
Out Now from Derek Taylor's fascinatingnew book 'The GoldenAge of Easy Listening'

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Special Edition of: Little Book of Ballads printed to order. £350 Buy Now! 


1843 edition of a rare signed copy of An Inquiry Into The Nature And Form Of The Books Of The Ancients; With A Histroy Of The Art Of Bookbinding, From The Times The Greeks And Romans To The Present Day by John Hannett

Published in 1843 by Mozley And Son, Derby.  This is: 'a new edition, illustrated with numerous engravings'. £750 Buy Now!


1998 Reprint of The Fihrist.  A 10th Century AD Survey of Islamic Culture by Abu l-Faraj Muhammad ibn Ishaq al-Nadim, edited and translated by Bayard Dodge.  1998 Reprint of Columbia University PRess 1970, published by Great Books of the Islamic World Inc., pp. 1149 £225 Buy Now!


From Guillemot Press a boxed first edition of Daydream College for Bards by Camille Ralphs. £75 Buy Now


The Golden Age of Easy Listening

Photo by John Olliver.
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